Mini Huggies are four small toys based on Huggy Wuggy – a red, blue, green, and yellow one. Poppy Playtime is the videogame where you can meet them. Here are 10 coloring pages featuring all 4 Mini Huggies for you to get creative with. What if they were in the colors of the flag of your country, for example? Print them online and figure it out.

Four very fluffy Mini Huggies

Mini Huggies from Project: Playtime hugging each other

Meet smiling Mini Huggies and color them!

Mini Huggies are here to scare you

Mini Huggies making different funny faces

A pyramid made of cute Mini Huggies

Four most crazy characters from Project: Playtime

Super cute Mini Huggies waiting to be colored

Coloring page with smiling Mini Huggies making funny faces

The whole crowd of Mini Huggies for coloring