Flamingos are beautiful birds that are known for their distinctive pink feathers, which come from their diet of shrimp and algae. Flamingos also have a unique shape and are social creatures that often live in large flocks. Our 25 printable coloring pages of flamingos are a fun and relaxing activity! Also, that’s a great way to learn about these fascinating birds. Click on any picture you like to get its full size and share it.

Flamingo spreading wings on the beach

Baby flamingo being fed by its parent

Flamingo standing on one leg in the water

Awesome coloring page of an exotic birds couple

Flamingo in the tropics

Fabulous flamingo with ruffled feathers

A long neck and a large beak to color

Three flamingos chilling by the ocean

Flamingo is in a hurry somewhere. Do you have time to color this drawing?

Amazing feathers of a tropical bird

Fluffy flamingo with exotic plants

Standing on one leg, twisting a long neck

Adorable mother with its cute little baby

Perfect beach scene with two flamingos for coloring

Flamingo preeing its feathers

Three flamingos flying in the sky

Big lovely birds under flowering branches

Graceful flamingo with seashells

Swimming in a tropical pond

Cool coloring page of flamingos and flowers

Time to clean feathers

Amazing mother bird’s love

Flamingos digging holes in the sand

Tall gorgeous bird waiting to be colored pink

Beautiful flamingo in the shade of palm trees