25 printable coloring pages of farm animals for your kids. Funny and exciting drawings of regular or exotic animals from farms for all ages of kids to fill with color. Click any picture you like to get its full size and print it online.

Meet and color friendly turkey with a beautiful fan-shaped tail

Interesting coloring page for children: a piglet, a cow, a lamb and a hen at the farm in the woods

Detailed coloring page of a rooster

Cute little rabbit is also one of farm animals

Amazingly beautiful pheasant for coloring

Partridge for coloring

Ostrich with very strong and long legs

Nutria boasting of its amazing fur

Two dreamy lambs before a cozy farm house

Exotic farm animal lama

Proud horse on the field

Guinea pig being way too cute

Happy smiling goat under a spreading tree

Cunning ferret with cute little ears

Duck with three little ducklings in a pond, a snail watching the family

Donkey standing at the fence

Small spotted dog with its tongue stuck out

Two cows resting after a good meal

Funny chick with small wings

A chicken showing her eggs

Cute smiling cat

Bactrian camel having a curious look

Bull from the farm waiting to be colored

A big fluffy buffalo on the field

This goose is waiting to be colored