Get ready to color up Marshall, the heroic Dalmatian from Paw Patrol! Marshall is known for his bravery and passion for firefighting, often using his trusty water cannons to save the day. These coloring pages of Marshall are the perfect way to honor his bravery and charm, while also giving you the chance to implement your own arty vision of this lovely pup. Click on any coloring picture you like to get its full size, print it online or share it!

Detailed coloring page of Marshall from Paw Patrol waving his paw at you and waiting to be colored

The best firefighter Marshall posing and waiting to be colored

Marshall from Paw Patrol is coming to rescue

Coloring page with the portrait of cute Marshall

Marshall from Paw Patrol using his water cannon

Puppy firefighter Marshall dancing

Paw Patrol coloring page: Marshall on the way to work

A child watching Paw Patrol on his tablet, Marshall on the screen

Marshall getting his fire extinguisher filled

Overdose of cuteness with Marshall from Paw Patrol

Coloring page with Marshall ready to combat fire

Detailed coloring page of Marshall skating with a wide smile

Marshall the Fire Pup in turbo flying mode with a pigeon on his headgear

Sir Trips-a-Lot wearing a crown for great job

Happy cute Spotted Pup with his tongue stuck out

Cool coloring page with Marshall reaching out to you

Marshall saving a duckling

Marshall the Fire Pup in plane mode flying to a mission

Marshall as a pirate wearing an eye patch and a bandana

Detailed portrait of Marshall in a firefighter’s helmet for coloring

Paw Patrol insignia for coloring

Marshall practicing swimming with a lifebuoy