Adopt Me pets are virtual creatures that can be adopted by players in the popular Roblox game, Adopt Me. With this collection of printable coloring pages, you can bring your favorite Adopt Me Pets to life and give them your own unique flair. All the rarities of pets including common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and legendary animals. Check them out! Click any coloring page you like to get its full size, print it online or download.

Detailed image of legendary pet Frost Dragon for coloring

Six pets in one coloring page, can you name them all?

Funny coloring page with Winged Horse

Easy coloring page of big Pigeon

Simple coloring page of Turtle from Adopt Me game

Easy coloring page of Evil Unicorn

Turkey for coloring from Adopt Me game

Cute little Kitsune waiting to be colored

Meet the Snowball pet

Scary bony Shadow Dragon

Cute fat Red Panda

The funny pet Poodle for coloring

Pomeranian being way too round

Pig with a cute snout waiting to be colored

Peacock showing his incredibly beautiful tail

Owl waving its wing

Shadow Dragon with opened jaws showing his mega sharp teeth

Diamond Unicorn, legendary rare pet

Dragon with cute horns posing for coloring

Detailed coloring page of Strawberry Shortcake Bat Dragon

Simple coloring page of Fallow Deer

Detailed coloring page of rare pet Guardian Lion

Simple page for coloring: Golden Penguin with tiny wings

Rare pet Giraffe with plenty of spots

Legendary pet Frost Fury for coloring

Frost Dragon is already on the way to his prey

Very simple coloring page of schematic Frog

Dragon unfolding his wings

Dalmatian with tongue stuck out

Coloring page of spotted Cow with cute little horns

Bunny with very long ears

Amazing little Axolotl

Extraordinary looking Ancient Dragon

Crow being very strict and demanding to be colored

Cute pet Kangaroo wanting to be colored

Arctic Reindeer – cute coloring page